Best ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirror Sites [100% Working]

Torrent files are one of the ways to get media material on the internet. These small files will take you to the location of the actual media you want to download. ExtraTorrent (ET) is one of several sites on the internet that cater to those who wish to exchange files using torrenting.

In 2016, the site has expanded in size to rival the Torrent Sites. Its owners voluntarily shut it down in 2017 and it has since reappeared in various forms. ExtraTorrent could offer what you're searching for if you're wanting to download torrents of recently released music, movies, or television series.

The ExtraTorrent Proxies & Mirrors List:

The following is a list of functional ExtraTorrents proxy sites and mirrors that may be used to unblock the ExtraTorrents website in any country. Most of these proxies are working, but if they don't, try a new site from the list below.


So now you have the list of ExtraTorrents proxy sites and mirrors that works. ExtraTorrents mirrors and proxy servers will allow you to access the website from any location.

However, these ExtraTorrents proxy services cannot guarantee that they will work for everyone. If none of these proxies work for you, you can use a VPN such as Surfshark.

Why Would Someone Want To Block ExtraTorrent?

Because most of the information on ET is copyrighted, strong forces are working to limit your access to it. You may be geo-blocked from the site depending on where you reside. Instead of allocating bandwidth to your request, some ISPs will block access or slow your connection.

It's a website, so it might be down for a variety of reasons. It has not been blocked in that case, but it is still unavailable. You don't want to hear a story, you simply want to listen to some new music.

What Do I Do When I Am Block?

If your ISP or area has blocked you, you can overcome the restriction by using a VPN. Your online actions are kept secret. When you are using a VPN since your IP address is hidden. You may also hide your location by connecting to a VPN server in a country that doesn't care what you download.

You can use mirror sites to duplicate the content of the original site if the original site seems to be offline. If your ISP isn't aware of the mirrored sites' names, this might also confuse them. Search the web for ExtraTorrent mirrors or proxies to locate the current mirrors. You should be fine to go after you've located one you can reach.

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